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Copy key Let copy key

Copying a key in Berlin is no problem at all. If the key is broken or otherwise damaged. Can we make the replacement key after At least that applies to a „normal“ standard key.

To have a key imitated with us, we have several options. You can come to the store with us. (Warschauerstr 27 10243 Berlin Friedrichshain)

Or they call us. 030/66766901 And make an appointment with us where a gear comes by and picks up the key and brings it back to you. Of course that costs something

Of course that depends on where you live. I can say that exactly on the phone. But you could also send keys to us by mail. As registered

and we would then send the spare key back to you by mail as registered mail.

Key canceled

Copying keys does not cost much, it is usually really cheap. Usually, a spare key is made in a matter of minutes.

So it’s not a drama. The costs are really low. If you have a simple key copied, the standard key costs from 7.50 €

It is more expensive with special keys, it can sometimes cost just over 50 euros, if a key is very complicated or belongs to a locking system

Our shop is in Friedrichshain

But we can also make keys using a code

So if a key is on her key.

Imitate keys
then we can also copy keys and send them. This is usually the case with letterbox keys. or at locking systems or at bicycle locks.

Online Locksmith Keys Online Imitating Copying Keys
So we do the key copying online
Anyone who needs a key can order no matter where they live. whether in Berlin or Potsdam alas from abroad is no problem worldwide

Safe key

Safe key make only a few locksmiths we do that also the technique of safe key needs a lot of years of experience we do it in second generation

Key emergency service in berlin

Locksmiths tend to specialize in door openings today, so we ask 24 hours a day, 365 days a week

Car keys imitated

Having your car key copied is a big problem, and everyone knows that. You want to have trustworthy and quality work, but do not overpay. It does not necessarily have to be, just ask us, the Locksmith Berlin, because that’s not an issue for us, after all, we’ve specialized in it and we’re here to help. It’s quick on top of that. Only a satisfied customer makes us happy

Teach transponder

Of course, we also do the learning of transponders in our shop. Of course we also have all the other things you need to have as a locksmith

Crossbar lock also rod locks you can also look at the spot we also sell padlock batteries for car keys and also

AAA batteries door fittings and door rosettes

Locking system key
If, on the other hand, it is the key of a locking system,

this is no longer possible. Locksmiths are forbidden to copy a key,

Imitate keys
Without a security card a copy of a key is not allowed, even in the case of a broken key. This of course increases the security, namely a stranger usually does not approach the security card, you must go to the landlord and report the loss and He will tell you where to get a new key. In this context, also read the contribution to the

security technology

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